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If I have to use one word to describe me, it would be a nature dweller. Often, you'll find me running barefoot in the woods and meadows, swimming in lakes and rivers, sitting by a bonfire, mushroom picking, or harvesting all kind of herbs.

I grew up in the heart of Europe - in Czechia, a small yet picturesque and rich in culture country. As a little girl, I spent most of my free time outdoors with my parents or grandparents. They taught me a lot about nature and made me love and respect our beautiful planet immensely. For most of my childhood, we didn't own a car. The old rusty train and our feet were our primary means of transport. We would visit countless old ruins and castles, fish in hidden ponds, had hundreds of lunch meals made deep in the woods in a bonfire. My grandpa taught me the art of beekeeping and my Dad showed me how to recognize and use different herbs in the kitchen and as a medicine.

Little did they know how much this will affect my future journey and the thirst for knowledge and nature exploration. Since then I have travelled to over 70 countries and lived in New Zealand, UK, Spain and mighty Iceland before I fell in love with the beauty of the Canadian wilderness (and my Canadian husband).

Handcrafting elopement experiences for nature loving souls

Canadian Rockies Elopement Photographer, nature dweller and all animal lover

I love water. It’s always been my very favorite drink, ha. But I also love to swim, dive, surf, or simply sit on a cliff watching that beautiful blue infinity. The presence of any source of water always makes me feel free, big and tiny at the same time, and very much connected to our Mother Nature.

There might be something about the Zodiac signs since I am Pisces. And floating side by side next to the whale sharks in Leyte, the Philippines, was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

My travel journey began shortly after 2010 when I finished my studies at Film Academy in Czechia. I soon ditched my movie career for exploring the world. The first move of mine was to New Zealand and it was a real eye-opener to me and I've tried more than 10 jobs in less than 15 months. Most of the time in this beautiful country, I have been living in my camper van. It was long time before #vanlife was a thing. I have soon realized that I don't need to be a millionaire to travel the world and live a life of freedom.

It was at this point that my adventuring kicked off. I spent a month on a deserted island in the southern Pacific in the Kingdom of Tonga. All I did there was fishing, searching for wild chilli peppers in the jungle, drinking fresh coconuts and rainwater, and spending nights reading with the candlelight. My journey took me throughout Southeast Asia where I spent six months and lived for less than $15 per day. I have lived in southern Spain and volunteered in Iceland, explored Africa, Australia, and South America.

I have planned ALL of my travels on my own and you can rest easy in the knowledge that I have skills and experience to guide you every step of the way

I love saying yes! from calf rearing in new zealand to volunteer work - i have completed more than 37 jobs worldwide. Life is too short not to try it all, isn't it? :)

by doing volunteer work in northwest territories, canada, I even learned to build an igloo. maybe your elopement will put my skills in good use, haha.

since the age of 16, I have hitchhiked all over the world. who says you can't hitchhike on a boat? I hitchhiked an old fisherman'S boat from sydney to fiji. It was quite an experience!

'a few random stuff'

my love for adventure and cold weather got me into the Fjallraven Polar dog sledding expedition through the Swedish and norwegian mountains. It was my first of many musher opportunities to come.

the People I have met and traveled with on the road are often more important to me than the destination itself. I strongly believe in the power of friendship - from the deep talks and silly laughs, there is a world of people ready to connect and share.

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